Botox and Your Gummy Smile: How Injectables Can Help

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Did you know that some 57% of Americans cover their mouth when laughing (and about half of Americans smile with their mouth closed) because they're insecure about the appearance of their teeth? This may feel ironic since Americans often seem to think that it's the British who have bad teeth. But perhaps it's not your teeth that make you self-conscious about your smile. This may be the case for those affected by a gummy smile.

11 February 2022

4 Advantages of Preventative Dental Care

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Everyone knows that visiting the dentist for a checkup is something they should do, but many people end up putting it off until their teeth begin to hurt. Here are a few reasons to visit the dentist for preventative dental care even when your teeth feel fine. 1. Prevent Painful Problems Without regular dental checkups, you cannot know if your teeth are starting to develop dental issues until they become serious enough to start causing you pain.

5 January 2022