How to Choose a Private Dental Practice

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Traditionally, many people have visited NHS dentists for checkups and treatment. However, today the availability of NHS dentistry can be quite low in some areas, which means that a lot of people are turning to private dental practices instead. Here are some tips that can help you find a dental practice for you and your family.

1. Compare Prices

Many people assume that visiting a private dental practice will be very expensive, but in fact, some charge prices that are only a little higher than the standard NHS pricing bands. Always ask about the costs of common dental procedures, such as checkups and dental fillings, before you choose a private dental practice.

2. Ask About Insurance and Pricing Plans

Some private dental practices accept dental insurance or offer their own pricing plans to help you spread the cost of dentistry. Dental insurance can protect you from high costs if you need extensive dental treatment. Always find out what the policy covers before signing up for dental insurance.

3. Ask Friends for Recommendations

A personal recommendation is often the best way to find a good dental practice. Ask your friends and family members which dental practices they use and if they are happy with the service they receive.

4. Read Reviews

Another way to evaluate local dental practices is to read reviews online. You can find reviews on Google Places, Facebook and local listing sites. A good dental practice will have an overall good rating and give helpful responses to negative reviews.

5. Check Opening Hours

A good dental practice for you is one that has appointments that can easily fit into your schedule. Check the opening times of dentists to see if you can get an evening or weekend appointment if you are too busy with work during the week to visit a dental practice. Consider registering with a dental practice close to your workplace rather than your home so that you can attend checkups during your lunch hour or by taking a short break from work rather than missing a whole day.

6. Visit the Practice in Person

The only way to get a reliable impression of the kind of welcome that a dental practice offers is to visit it in person. This step is particularly important if you are looking for a dentist who can look after your young children. Assess whether the waiting area is welcoming and whether the staff are helpful and approachable.


8 September 2021

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