How To Choose A Dental Practice In A New Area

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Moving to a new area can be stressful, with a lot to organise and consider. Choosing a new dentist is rarely at the top of the list, but it is important. By considering a few essential things, such as convenience and atmosphere, you can choose somewhere that is ideal for you.

Good Online Reviews

Looking at online reviews about dentists in your new area is a low-stakes, low-effort way to get an idea of what a dental practice is really like. Look for red flags in the reviews, such as cancelled appointments, unclear pricing, dismissive dentists, or unhelpful receptionists. You should also look at positive reviews – for example, if you are a nervous patient, a review from another nervous patient about a helpful dentist would be very useful. It is worth noting that people are more likely to write a negative review to air their grievances; however, users do tend to write bad reviews for good reasons, such as warning people and helping people make good decisions. This also holds up across most online reviews, so it will still be useful to look at the overall review scores of different dental practices.

Suitability For Your Needs

A dental practice needs to suit the needs of you and your family so that your experience there can be as pleasant as possible. For example, different dentists can have additional qualifications like paediatric dentistry or orthodontics. If your child has braces, it would be useful if your dental practice had a resident orthodontist. You should also find out about the office hours – for example, if you like making appointments for yourself before work, a practice that opens at 9 AM might not be ideal. Consider also where the dentist is in relation to your home, and whether you could easily get there. Finally, think about finances – if you are an NHS patient, will they accept you? If you have private dental insurance, make sure they accept it.

A Pleasant Atmosphere

After identifying a couple of practices that would suit your needs and that have good reviews, you should visit them to see what the atmosphere is like. Notice what the waiting room is like, and what you feel like when sitting there. How friendly are the receptionists? Do they seem welcoming, and eager to answer your questions? You might also be able to meet the dentist before committing to a dental practice, and then you can talk to them about your specific dental health issues, and see how receptive they seem. Go with your gut feeling, and don't be afraid to walk away if a place does not seem right.

By considering online reviews, thinking about how convenient and suitable a dentist will be for you and your family and visiting to check out the atmosphere, you can ensure you have a pleasant experience with your new dental practice.


24 February 2020

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